Thursday, March 8, 2012


Lastnight my Big Brother, Jake, taught me how to play Tug of War!!

He never did let me win, but we had so much fun!  I hope we can do this all the time. 

Hey Jake... one day I'm going to grow up big like you and you will have a battle on your hands, thank you for teaching me how to do it now so I have lots and lots of practice!

I am 9 weeks old now!  Mom says I act like a teenager.  Not sure what that means, but I seem to try to get my way ALL the time.  Mom's a tough one though.  I need to figure out different ways to fool her.

I get to run around the house more now and it's sooooo fun!!  You should see all the things there are for me to play with!!  Slippers, socks, vacuum cords.... I don't understand why I keep getting told "no"!  I'm just having fun!  And my 100 toys are just getting boring... :) 

Mom says Jake is a great babysitter for me.  I slept all night lastnight without even waking up at all! 

Have a great day everyone!! I need to rest!!