Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let the Games Begin!


Today, My Mama came up with a new GAME for us!! 

She says that if her friends and their friends and THEIR friends "Share" my blog on Facebook and we get people following us directly on the blog, she will donate to a worthy cause, shelter, fundraiser or benefit for every 25 people that follow me!

I have NO idea what ANY of that means, but if she says she'll do it, she will!

This means that she will have to be more on top of things and update more often AND she said that I can talk about my friends at Daycare at Wiggles and Wags!

I have made LOTs of new friends in the last few weeks, so I can't WAIT to tell you about them and have Mom post some pictures of them!

So... Let's get this party STARTED!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just sayin' Hi!

Hi Everyone!

On Saturday my Silly Sister, Maggie, got to go to work with our Papa!  She LOVES to go to work and play with all of the Guests at Wiggles and Wags!

I, on the other hand, got to stay home with Mama and Jake!!  I had SOOO much fun!!

I helped Mom Sweep the Patio.  She said I am not supposed to help so much, but I really like to sweep!

Jake and I had a ton of fun playing many, many games of tug of war!  Then we got my toys out.  Then Jake stole all my toys.... hmmm.. I don't know if I like that game as much.

I decided I was tired, so I took a nap.  Mama says that was the most relaxing part of our day.  I don't remember it because I was, well... Sleeping!

I go to the doctor again for my last round of shots next week!  Mama calls me her Million Dollar Doggie! 
I don't know what that means, but I'm cute, so that's all that really matters. 

I'm growing and learning so much so fast that it is hard for Mom to keep up, but she's trying!! 

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time Flies!

I told my Mom that she better get busy and update you!  I have learned so  many things and grown up alot!  I get to play with the big dogs at Daycare now!!   

Here I am in the last few weeks!

This is me a few weeks ago beating up my brother, Jake!

I liked the snow!  We didn't have it for very long this year.  Mama says that's AWESOME, but I would have liked it to stay around longer...

My Sister Maggie... She still isn't real sure about me... I can't figure out why!!??

This is me a few days ago beating up my Brother, Jake!  I'm getting big so I'm more of a challenge for him, but I listen when he says "stop!", I'll tell ya that much!

Here I am today!  Look at me!  I can get on the furniture, steal Maggies toys and lay with the big dog!

I have been back to the doctor for more shots (ouch).  My first visit I weighed 7 pounds.  I weigh 20 now!

Today is my 3 month Birthday!  Mama and Jake and Maggie and I are going to play in the backyard so I gotta go!

Mom has a bunch more pictures of me.. OH!  I learned to go up and down stairs this week too!  She has pictures, but will have to post them later...

We have a PARTY to get to!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Lastnight my Big Brother, Jake, taught me how to play Tug of War!!

He never did let me win, but we had so much fun!  I hope we can do this all the time. 

Hey Jake... one day I'm going to grow up big like you and you will have a battle on your hands, thank you for teaching me how to do it now so I have lots and lots of practice!

I am 9 weeks old now!  Mom says I act like a teenager.  Not sure what that means, but I seem to try to get my way ALL the time.  Mom's a tough one though.  I need to figure out different ways to fool her.

I get to run around the house more now and it's sooooo fun!!  You should see all the things there are for me to play with!!  Slippers, socks, vacuum cords.... I don't understand why I keep getting told "no"!  I'm just having fun!  And my 100 toys are just getting boring... :) 

Mom says Jake is a great babysitter for me.  I slept all night lastnight without even waking up at all! 

Have a great day everyone!! I need to rest!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I say I'm "fiesty"! Mom has other names for me....

Hi Everyone!

Mom has been busy trying to keep me in line so she isn't on top of things like updating my blog.  Don't worry, I'll have a talk with her about that.

I have been at my new house for a couple of weeks.  I am showing my family that I am "full of the dickens"! (as Mom says).  I don't really like to lay down and sleep.  I think it's a waste of time when there are SO many things to explore and get into!  One of my favorite things is to rip up the plastic that Mom put under my playpen, just incase I had an accident.  I decided I don't need that anymore, so I put a hole in it.  Then Jake and Maggie decided to shred it all over the living room when I was at daycare.  I was NOT happy about it, as this was MY project!  Not theirs! 

I have nearly doubled in size since I came home.  Mom says I'm too "round" and I need to cut back on my eating a little.  I don't really agree with this.  I LOVE to eat!  Mom brings the food and I run right to my dish to gobble it up!  Sometimes I don't even feel like taking a breath inbetween, but she makes me... ugh!  I love her, but geez!  Give a girl a break!!  I'm GROWING!

I got to stay home all weekend this past weekend with Mama and Jake and Maggie.  It was pretty fun.  I practiced my singing for Mama.  I'm very loud and getting louder!  I think it's great!  Mom on the other hand.... she says, "Not so much".

Here is what I got to do this weekend with Jake!

I REALLY like to beat up Jake!  He lets me for the most part, but sometimes he says "Enough!" and I have to stop for a second, but he's ready to let me go right back at it!

I hope you are having a good week!!  I will tell Mom to take more pictures and keep up with things!  I'm growing fast and acting furious!  I'm FIESTY!  :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Playdate

On Saturday my Litter Sister got to go to her new house, but FIRST she got to come and play at MY house!  We had so much fun!  I kept trying to tell her that this was MY house, MY playpen, MY Mama, MY bed and MY toys, but she informed me that I needed to share, so I did...  Mama was proud of me.

We played for a long time and we both got TREATS after we went potty outside!

(Mom needs to learn how to take pictures, wouldn't you agree?)
This is  Stoli (although her name is subject to change) trying to eat my face!  I deserved it because I was proclaiming myself Princess of the Playpen.  Mama said "Good Girl, Stoli!" when she gave me the what-for.  hmmm... I'll need to talk to Papa about that later...

After we played, and Stoli's new Mama came to visit her on the way to her shopping trip, we were TIRED!

I TOLD her she could sleep in my bed, but she likes the floor at my house, I guess.

After Stoli left for her new home with her new toys, I asked my brother, sister and Mom to be quiet for a while. 

I need my rest!

So did Stoli, I guess!

We had such a big day!!

I can't wait to play with her again! 

Welcome to your new home, Litter Sister!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I need to start eating apples...

Hi Everyone!

There is not a picture to post today, but I had another "first"!

My Mama took me to the doctor this morning to get all of my shots.  He was very nice and said I was very healthy and looked like a good puppy!  Mom was VERY happy to hear that!  It was very hard for her to not be snapping pictures of my first visit, but she refrained not wanting to embarrass the doctor. :)

I didn't even feel my shot.  I sneezed after they shoved my bortadella juice up my nose.  As a matter of fact, I sneezed ALL over Mama!  She told me thank you.  Now she is safe too, according to the doctor..  She thought that was funny!

I weigh over 7 pounds already!  The doctor said I am about as wide as I am tall!  I think that's a good thing, but since I REALLY like to eat, she was told to cut me back to 3 times a day... What am I going to do??  I will be so hungry!!  I'll get over it.. plus Mom might slip me a treat sometimes.

I have to go back in 6 weeks for more shots, then more appointments after that for other things and more shots..   I think I should eat an apple a day... I hear they keep the doctor away.

I am happy I'm healthy and can torture my family for many years to come!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's Valentine's Day!

I'm not sure what all the hype is about this day, but Mama says that I am the BEST present she's ever gotten for Valentine's Day so it must be a pretty special day.

Yesterday and today I get to spend my whole day with Mom at Wiggles and Wags! 

I slept most of my day away yesterday, but when I wasn't sleeping I got to play with my toys!  I'm getting a hang of it.  Mama laughs and laughs at me when I am trying to conquer my purple stuffed dog.  I don't know what's so funny about it.  It keeps trying to trip me up and steals my bed when I'm not looking.  I give it a little growl to show it who's boss, but nothing.. no response.  I will have to have Maggie and Jake teach me their tricks because I listen when they talk.

I get play land when I'm at Wiggles too!  It's not exactly the same as at home, but it's darn close.  I like it.  I sleep in my bed most of the day anyway.  Being a puppy is exhausting!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well I made it home!

My Sister Maggie checking me out.
At first my brother and sister weren't real sure what to think of me.  I stayed in my kennel for a bit and teased them.  Maggie didn't even growl at me!  I think she likes me... 
This is Jake.  She asked Mama if she was kidding

I KNOW that Jake likes me...
This is my big brother teaching me how to properly drink from a bowl

Mama says that this picture is worth a thousand words!

Jake is really nice to me and we play.  I like him so much that I roll right over for him and give him kisses.  When Mom puts me on my back, I growl at her.  I think it's cute.  Mama... not so much.  She says she's in for a ride!

I decided that Mom sleeps too much on a regular basis, so I decided that every 1 1/2 hours was a good time to whine to go outside. 

Even though she didn't get any sleep lastnight she still went out and got me some fun stuff today!

My teeth are very sharp and I think that Mama's fingers are chew toys, so she went out and got me some chew toys and set up a playpen in the living room for me.  She says that she no longer has a living room, but I have a play land and really... that's all that counts, right?

Now that I have some room to run around without Mom losing me in the house, I am tuckered out! 

I wonder if Mama will take a nap too? 

I love my new home!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Whew! What a Day!

Hi Everyone!

Here I am on my first car ride on my way to meet my new Mama!  I ate breakfast (and tried to steal some coffee) and I didn't even get car sick!  I am going to LOVE going for car rides with Jake and Maggie! 

I got picked up and brought to Mom's office.  She had everything ready for me to hang out with her for the day.  Her co-workers thought I was pretty "cute" and they all got to hold me and pet me.  I liked that!

What I am not sure I liked so much was Mama flashing the camera in my face every 5 minutes, but I guess I can't blame her.  After all, I am Cute!

Some of the fun things I did today was learn how to potty outside after being in the house.  I did a VERY good job and have not made a mess inside (yet).  Mama almost lost me because I wanted to show her how fast I could run under a parked car in the parking lot, but then she put this thing on me that goes around my neck and is attached to a long cord.  I don't mind it too much, but I thought I was supposed to sit in one place when she put it on me.  How am I supposed to potty when I'm sitting?  She taught me that I could move around with all the junk on so that is going better for me now.

I drank water from a bowl for the first time too!  I couldn't QUITE figure it out at first.  My face kept going under water, but nothing was happening.  I figured out that I have to move my tounge and then I get the liquidy refreshment!  It was GOOD! (better than the snow I was eating outside earlier)  I liked it so much, I drank it and drank it until I was cut off!  Imagine!  6 weeks old and cut off from the trough already... I may be following in Goober's footsteps afterall (according to Mama).

As I said, she kept putting that camera in my face so here I am!  This was my very first morning with my new family!  For the afternoon I am hanging with Papa and tonight I get to meet Jake and Maggie at our house!  Such as exciting day!!  I'm exhausted!!

YAY!!  I'm so glad to be home!!

I'm Coming HOME!!

Hi Everyone!
This is Millie's Mama.

I went to go and see Millie lastnight at her current house.  She lives on a farm with a big yard, lots of dogs and I even saw a Kitty in the mix!  They all were getting along very well! 

After seeing and holding her, I decided to leave her there until her delivery date on the 18th.


I got home.. I was nearly crying and Kurt told me that I should have just brought her home with me.  It's not like we don't have any dog supplies...  so, via email, I inquired as to when the earliest I could get her would be.  The response was TODAY at 9:45 a.m.!   I am so happy and have her little kennel, blanket, stuffed dog, collar, leash and food and water dish all ready for her arrival.  I DO need to get the little girl some food, but I will do that on my way back with her.

Being that they are farm dogs and outside and I am so in love with her, I just couldn't see her staying outside in the cold.  I KNOW that they are fine and have shelter, but I am a "city" girl now and since she is technically old enough I made the decision to bring her home to start living her pampered life. 

I may have some challenges in this according to different theories on my "timing"... but I will deal with all of them and we are very fortunate to have a unique situation for her to grow up in and learn her place in the "pack".  I'm QUITE sure that Maggie will teach her that in about 2 minutes of her arrival home.

So.. this morning, I will be calling to see if I can get her vet appointment moved up so she can have all of her shots and health check so she can start living her life at Wiggles and Wags by day, and  home at night. :)

I am very excited!  I hope she is too!

Wish us luck! The party has officially started! 

PS.  Goob's arrival consisted of her being dropped off in the very building where we have Wiggles and Wags.  Her first drink??  Well, she stole a lick out of a patrons beer glass.  (The building used to be a bar that we both worked at!)  Millie... You WILL NOT be stealing beer from people and you will drink WATER!  See? I'm already putting my foot down! :)  hahah!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet My New Family!


This is my new brother, Jake!
He is my 5 year old brother who will teach me LOTS of good things!  He loves to play nice and doesn't chew things up.  I'm hoping that I follow in his footsteps!


This is my new sister, Maggie! 

She is 3.  She likes to play too!  She will like me, but I will have to keep my toys and rawhides away from her.  I will talk to Mama about posting the picture of her from the other day "protecting" her rawhide from Mama.  Anyway.. I am super excited to meet Maggie.  Maggie has a TON of personality and (Mom calls it) "Tude".   Maggie has also informed me that the Papa guy is HERS!  So, I will have to do my best to get her to warm up to me.


THIS is my new Mama!  She can't WAIT to meet me and bring me home!  We will have so much fun over the next (she says 25) years!  This is the lady that will try to keep you updated.  She really doesn't dress that way every day,  but...  Well.. I think I'm in for a pretty good life!

There are no pictures of Papa.  He says that cameras get hurt if they take pictures of him.  I will talk to Mom about sneaking a picture of me and him after I get home.  She might be able to put it on here. 
(He also doesn't use a computer so she can get away with it! )


This is my litter sister.  I am not 100% what her name is yet, but I am looking forward to getting to see her through our life times!  She is going to live with Mama's friend and we are all very excited! 
They are going shopping!! (Nuff said)! 

Well... that's about it for the family... I will have Mama post pictures of Grandpa and more of my new friends after I get to my new home and get settled in.

9 Days til I get to my home!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In The Beginning...

Hi Everyone!

My Name is Millie!

This is the story of my life.  As I arrive to my new home, learn new things and grow you can follow my story.  Of course, it's up to my Mama to keep you updated and posted.  I will try to remind her, but for now, I'm only 7 weeks old (I think) so I will be very busy playing and chewing things up.  You might want to keep my Mama on track.

My Story begins like this:

My Mama and Papa lost their other girl at the age of 5 1/2 due to kidney failure and have been missing her very much.  Her name was Goober.  (I'm VERY glad Mama decided to name me something nice like Millie... Even though it is a referrence to her favorite light amber colored beverage. I don't know what she's talking about, but if you figure it out you can tell me when I'm older and stealing it out of the coolers) 

Anyway... to get on with my story, I have a brother Jake who is 5 and is 100 pound Golden Retriever.  I also have a sister, Maggie, who is 3 and she is a 15 pound Jack a__.. I mean, Russell. (I haven't met her yet, but I have heard stories.   Mama and Papa Love her VERY much, but,  APPARENTLY because of HER I am not allowed to have a rawhide when she's around, but I will grow up bigger than her so... )  I am very excited to meet them!  I am also very excited to meet my Mama and Papa!

Remember.. I'm a puppy.. my mind wanders (so does mom's).. so to continue:

My Mama pestered and pestered  the Papa guy, insisting that Jake needed another "big" dog puppy to play with at home.  Nevermind they own a Doggie Daycare (which we will get into later) and Jake has many friends to play with all day long.

After a week or so of whining, Mama got her way! (I will be trying this approach myself when I don't want to be in my kennel).   She put it all over Facebook. (you know what that is, right?  It's a way to tell the WHOLE world when you are going to the bathroom, or what you are cooking for supper, I guess).  Within a day she was sent a message about me and a picture the following day.  We can't blame her for what I'm about to say:

She fell in LOVE with me!

So...I will arrive at my new home on February 18th, 2012. 

Mama already has my vet appointment set up (OUCH) and is on her way out shopping for my toys and puppy food and all the fun puppy stuff that I get! (Sorry Maggie, Mama loves ME too!)

Welcome to my life (A very very long life)! :)