Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time Flies!

I told my Mom that she better get busy and update you!  I have learned so  many things and grown up alot!  I get to play with the big dogs at Daycare now!!   

Here I am in the last few weeks!

This is me a few weeks ago beating up my brother, Jake!

I liked the snow!  We didn't have it for very long this year.  Mama says that's AWESOME, but I would have liked it to stay around longer...

My Sister Maggie... She still isn't real sure about me... I can't figure out why!!??

This is me a few days ago beating up my Brother, Jake!  I'm getting big so I'm more of a challenge for him, but I listen when he says "stop!", I'll tell ya that much!

Here I am today!  Look at me!  I can get on the furniture, steal Maggies toys and lay with the big dog!

I have been back to the doctor for more shots (ouch).  My first visit I weighed 7 pounds.  I weigh 20 now!

Today is my 3 month Birthday!  Mama and Jake and Maggie and I are going to play in the backyard so I gotta go!

Mom has a bunch more pictures of me.. OH!  I learned to go up and down stairs this week too!  She has pictures, but will have to post them later...

We have a PARTY to get to!!

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