Saturday, February 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well I made it home!

My Sister Maggie checking me out.
At first my brother and sister weren't real sure what to think of me.  I stayed in my kennel for a bit and teased them.  Maggie didn't even growl at me!  I think she likes me... 
This is Jake.  She asked Mama if she was kidding

I KNOW that Jake likes me...
This is my big brother teaching me how to properly drink from a bowl

Mama says that this picture is worth a thousand words!

Jake is really nice to me and we play.  I like him so much that I roll right over for him and give him kisses.  When Mom puts me on my back, I growl at her.  I think it's cute.  Mama... not so much.  She says she's in for a ride!

I decided that Mom sleeps too much on a regular basis, so I decided that every 1 1/2 hours was a good time to whine to go outside. 

Even though she didn't get any sleep lastnight she still went out and got me some fun stuff today!

My teeth are very sharp and I think that Mama's fingers are chew toys, so she went out and got me some chew toys and set up a playpen in the living room for me.  She says that she no longer has a living room, but I have a play land and really... that's all that counts, right?

Now that I have some room to run around without Mom losing me in the house, I am tuckered out! 

I wonder if Mama will take a nap too? 

I love my new home!

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