Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm Coming HOME!!

Hi Everyone!
This is Millie's Mama.

I went to go and see Millie lastnight at her current house.  She lives on a farm with a big yard, lots of dogs and I even saw a Kitty in the mix!  They all were getting along very well! 

After seeing and holding her, I decided to leave her there until her delivery date on the 18th.


I got home.. I was nearly crying and Kurt told me that I should have just brought her home with me.  It's not like we don't have any dog supplies...  so, via email, I inquired as to when the earliest I could get her would be.  The response was TODAY at 9:45 a.m.!   I am so happy and have her little kennel, blanket, stuffed dog, collar, leash and food and water dish all ready for her arrival.  I DO need to get the little girl some food, but I will do that on my way back with her.

Being that they are farm dogs and outside and I am so in love with her, I just couldn't see her staying outside in the cold.  I KNOW that they are fine and have shelter, but I am a "city" girl now and since she is technically old enough I made the decision to bring her home to start living her pampered life. 

I may have some challenges in this according to different theories on my "timing"... but I will deal with all of them and we are very fortunate to have a unique situation for her to grow up in and learn her place in the "pack".  I'm QUITE sure that Maggie will teach her that in about 2 minutes of her arrival home.

So.. this morning, I will be calling to see if I can get her vet appointment moved up so she can have all of her shots and health check so she can start living her life at Wiggles and Wags by day, and  home at night. :)

I am very excited!  I hope she is too!

Wish us luck! The party has officially started! 

PS.  Goob's arrival consisted of her being dropped off in the very building where we have Wiggles and Wags.  Her first drink??  Well, she stole a lick out of a patrons beer glass.  (The building used to be a bar that we both worked at!)  Millie... You WILL NOT be stealing beer from people and you will drink WATER!  See? I'm already putting my foot down! :)  hahah!


  1. She's going to have a good home Julie !!

    1. I promise to make it the best that I can! I like to think that I will be the "perfect" mama to her, as I have had LOTS of practice. BUT... I just got a call from a concerned "Papa" asking me where her food was. That would be in my backseat! Ugh! Lesson number one. Puppies need food! Fail. Thank goodness we have some puppy food at Wiggles "just in case" for our guests. I heard her making some noise. He said that means she's hungry... go figure! :) All is well and her tummy is filled up once again.