Friday, February 10, 2012

Whew! What a Day!

Hi Everyone!

Here I am on my first car ride on my way to meet my new Mama!  I ate breakfast (and tried to steal some coffee) and I didn't even get car sick!  I am going to LOVE going for car rides with Jake and Maggie! 

I got picked up and brought to Mom's office.  She had everything ready for me to hang out with her for the day.  Her co-workers thought I was pretty "cute" and they all got to hold me and pet me.  I liked that!

What I am not sure I liked so much was Mama flashing the camera in my face every 5 minutes, but I guess I can't blame her.  After all, I am Cute!

Some of the fun things I did today was learn how to potty outside after being in the house.  I did a VERY good job and have not made a mess inside (yet).  Mama almost lost me because I wanted to show her how fast I could run under a parked car in the parking lot, but then she put this thing on me that goes around my neck and is attached to a long cord.  I don't mind it too much, but I thought I was supposed to sit in one place when she put it on me.  How am I supposed to potty when I'm sitting?  She taught me that I could move around with all the junk on so that is going better for me now.

I drank water from a bowl for the first time too!  I couldn't QUITE figure it out at first.  My face kept going under water, but nothing was happening.  I figured out that I have to move my tounge and then I get the liquidy refreshment!  It was GOOD! (better than the snow I was eating outside earlier)  I liked it so much, I drank it and drank it until I was cut off!  Imagine!  6 weeks old and cut off from the trough already... I may be following in Goober's footsteps afterall (according to Mama).

As I said, she kept putting that camera in my face so here I am!  This was my very first morning with my new family!  For the afternoon I am hanging with Papa and tonight I get to meet Jake and Maggie at our house!  Such as exciting day!!  I'm exhausted!!

YAY!!  I'm so glad to be home!!

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