Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I say I'm "fiesty"! Mom has other names for me....

Hi Everyone!

Mom has been busy trying to keep me in line so she isn't on top of things like updating my blog.  Don't worry, I'll have a talk with her about that.

I have been at my new house for a couple of weeks.  I am showing my family that I am "full of the dickens"! (as Mom says).  I don't really like to lay down and sleep.  I think it's a waste of time when there are SO many things to explore and get into!  One of my favorite things is to rip up the plastic that Mom put under my playpen, just incase I had an accident.  I decided I don't need that anymore, so I put a hole in it.  Then Jake and Maggie decided to shred it all over the living room when I was at daycare.  I was NOT happy about it, as this was MY project!  Not theirs! 

I have nearly doubled in size since I came home.  Mom says I'm too "round" and I need to cut back on my eating a little.  I don't really agree with this.  I LOVE to eat!  Mom brings the food and I run right to my dish to gobble it up!  Sometimes I don't even feel like taking a breath inbetween, but she makes me... ugh!  I love her, but geez!  Give a girl a break!!  I'm GROWING!

I got to stay home all weekend this past weekend with Mama and Jake and Maggie.  It was pretty fun.  I practiced my singing for Mama.  I'm very loud and getting louder!  I think it's great!  Mom on the other hand.... she says, "Not so much".

Here is what I got to do this weekend with Jake!

I REALLY like to beat up Jake!  He lets me for the most part, but sometimes he says "Enough!" and I have to stop for a second, but he's ready to let me go right back at it!

I hope you are having a good week!!  I will tell Mom to take more pictures and keep up with things!  I'm growing fast and acting furious!  I'm FIESTY!  :)


  1. Millie,
    You know me. My name is Rudy. I am so proud of you for all that you have learned. But still, I think you should work on a few skills:

    1. Being quiet, especially at night. You're Mom and Dad and brother and sister will be a lot more energized to play with you if you let them get some rest.

    2. That reminds me of sleep. GO TO SLEEP! Trust me, you will love a good night's sleep.

    3. Use those sharp teeth of yours to chew up a bone or a toy, and NOT Jake, Maggie, or your Mom and Dad. Everyone will appreciate it.

    4. Lastly, tell your Mom to keep updating us. I love you and can't wait to watch you grow and hear more about my friends, Jake and Maggie. I will be back again to play someday soon. I'll ask my Mom or Dad to call your Mom and Dad.

    Be good, okay?