Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet My New Family!


This is my new brother, Jake!
He is my 5 year old brother who will teach me LOTS of good things!  He loves to play nice and doesn't chew things up.  I'm hoping that I follow in his footsteps!


This is my new sister, Maggie! 

She is 3.  She likes to play too!  She will like me, but I will have to keep my toys and rawhides away from her.  I will talk to Mama about posting the picture of her from the other day "protecting" her rawhide from Mama.  Anyway.. I am super excited to meet Maggie.  Maggie has a TON of personality and (Mom calls it) "Tude".   Maggie has also informed me that the Papa guy is HERS!  So, I will have to do my best to get her to warm up to me.


THIS is my new Mama!  She can't WAIT to meet me and bring me home!  We will have so much fun over the next (she says 25) years!  This is the lady that will try to keep you updated.  She really doesn't dress that way every day,  but...  Well.. I think I'm in for a pretty good life!

There are no pictures of Papa.  He says that cameras get hurt if they take pictures of him.  I will talk to Mom about sneaking a picture of me and him after I get home.  She might be able to put it on here. 
(He also doesn't use a computer so she can get away with it! )


This is my litter sister.  I am not 100% what her name is yet, but I am looking forward to getting to see her through our life times!  She is going to live with Mama's friend and we are all very excited! 
They are going shopping!! (Nuff said)! 

Well... that's about it for the family... I will have Mama post pictures of Grandpa and more of my new friends after I get to my new home and get settled in.

9 Days til I get to my home!!

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